#1 Pilot
#2 Everything You Wanted to Know About Zoe
#3 When Zoe Met Johnny
#4 To Jack, From Zoe
#5 Sympathy for Jack
#6 Hard Cheese on Zoe
#7 The Trouble with Jane
#8 A Good Man is Hard to Find
#9 The Advice
#10 Under Mom's Thumb
#11 Down and Out at Bleecker and Houston
#12 Zoe Under the Influence
#13 Run, Man Ray, Run

Executive Producer Michael Jacobs, Supervising producers Sue Paige & Daniel Paige, Co-executive producer Michael Langworthy, Producer Michael Rowe, Produced by Morgan Sackett

#1 Pilot: Aired Sunday, January 17, 1999

Zoe talks to her life-long crush but can't understand what he's saying. Duncan thinks Jack's secret to self-confidence is in his shoes. Jane tries to attract men. Iris is dating a pilot with a mono-brow.

#2 Everything You Wanted to Know About Zoe: Aired Sunday, January 24, 1999

Iris turns into an overprotective mother when Zoe contemplates becoming intimate with a boy, and Duncan is having trouble growing up. Meanwhile, a the twins' mother a wily psychiatrist trick the twins into being nice to each other.

#3 When Zoe Met Johnny: Aired Sunday, February 7, 1999

Zoe and Jack battle over the attention of prep-school friend Johnny. Duncan and Jane pose as a couple to attract other people.

#4 To Jack, From Zoe: Aired Sunday, February 14, 1999

Jane and Zoe get into a fight over a valentine from Zoe to Jack from sixth grade. Duncan goes out on a Valentine's Day date with Breeny.

#5 Sympathy for Jack: Aired Sunday, February 21, 1999

Zoe finds out that Jack's girlfriend is cheating on him. A beautiful girl uses Duncan to make her boyfriend jealous.

#6 Hard Cheese on Zoe: Aired Sunday, February 28, 1999

Zoe and Duncan's upcoming camp reunion brings back Zoe's memories of being a childhood dork. She is ready to show off her new self, but her old fears come back to haunt her when a charicature artist portrays her as having a huge head and she doesn't get into a trendy new club with her friends.

#7 The Trouble with Jane: Aired Sunday, March 7, 1999

Zoe becomes enamored with the new girl in school and Jane feels like a third wheel on their adventures.

#8 A Good Man is Hard to Find: Aired Sunday, March 10, 1999

Zoe's new boyfriend is one of the hottest guys in school, but her friends don't believe they're really dating. Jack and Jane try to break up Duncan and Lisa.

#9 The Advice: Aired Sunday, March 14, 1999

Jack and Jane compete with Breeny over their grandmother's affections and inheritance. Zoe tries to get Duncan to stand up to his mother in order to save his relationship with his girlfriend.

#10 Under Mom's Thumb: Aired Sunday, April 11, 1999

Zoe thinks her mom dates losers, but when her mom starts dating a good-looking photographer for Spin magazine, Zoe and Jane manage to screw everything up with their help. Duncan needs a space away from his mom, so he rents a storage space to hang out in.

#11 Down and Out at Bleecker and Houston: Aired Sunday, May 2, 1999

Duncan becomes obsessed with an obscene caller in the subway station and starts acting like a bum. Jack starts pimping out young musicians as subway artists, but can't compete with professionals. Zoe gets a job at the store where Jane works so that she can use her employee discount to get her dream jacket, but she ends up taking Jane's position.

#12 Zoe Under the Influence: Aired Sunday, May 9, 1999

Zoe learns about the real world of writing from a jaded romance novelist (Pamela Kosh). Duncan goes to volunteer for the Very Exceptional Games, but ends up competing instead, and Jack bets on him.

#13 Run, Man Ray, Run: Aired Sunday, May 16, 1999

Zoe befriends a vegan soap opera star in order to get her picture in the paper. Jack exploits Duncan's job walking famous dogs. Jane tries to get into the elite dog run.