Season 1, Episode 6: Hard Cheese on Zoe


"I'm panicking. I not gonna get into this club and I'm all out of St. John's Wart." -Jane

"Jack, lose the hat. You look like an acorn." -Zoe

"Yes on Morticia, no on the one with the watermelon noggin." -D'art

"What do we make of this whole beret thing really?" -Zoe
"He knew I'd look swell in a hat. Get yourself some help." -Jack

"I'm trying to create an optical illusion to make my head look smaller." -Zoe
"Okay, normally I'd make fun of you for this, but right now I'm late to be fitted for my apparatus for my bogus affliction which I'm using to impress a guy in a halo." -Jane

"Okay, grab the tether-ball, we'll go down to Washington Square Park." -Zoe
"All right! Oh, oh... should we implement a buddy system for the hike over?" -Duncan
"Yeah, and then we can sing Kumbaya." -Zoe
"With the hand motions!" -Duncan
"Yeah, and then we can get our asses kicked by the 4th Street gang." -Zoe


Written by Sue Paige & Daniel Paige, Directed by Jeff McCracken

Special guest star Sara Rue as Breeny. Guest starring Simon Templeman as D'art. Co-starring Chris Solari as Lance, Andy Umberger as Sketch Artist.