Season 2, Episode 4: Kiss of Death

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Rating: 1.2


Written by J.J. Wall, Directed by Brian K. Roberts

Guest starring Eric Dane as Alec

Co-starring Jim Hanks as salesman, Vic Helford as repairman, Cleo King as Helen, William Vogt as Brian, Brandt Wille as Derek


Zoe: "It's hard to read about the unconscious when you keep slipping into it."

Jane: "If a guy talks to a girl for a half-hour after his dryer stops he's interested in her."
Doug: "Either that or he can see down her blouse."

Jack: "It's called Rear Projection, Doug. It sounds dirty, but you know it's good."

Jane: "I don't know, I think he tried to swallow her head."

Jane: "No guy comes perfect out of the box, there's always some assembly required."

Zoe: "Okay, you can help, or you can be logical. You can't do both."

Guy: "Alec says she kisses like a St. Bernard pulling you out of a snow drift."

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