Season 2, Episode 2: The Customer is Always Vic

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Rating: 1.8


Written by Stacie Lipp, Directed by James Hampton

Guest starring James Hong as Mr. Chin, Sarah Lancaster as Eileen, Don McManus as Vic

Co-starring Laura Grady-Peterson as customer #1, Richard Joel as customer #2


Mr. Chin: "They treat my place like the coffeeshop on 'Friends.' Joey, Chandler, would it kill you to buy something?"

Zoe: "Where you do you think you're going, mister?"
Vic: "Someplace the chicks wear tassles and don't yap so much."

Duncan: "A relationship is like a plant. You have to know when to water it, when to feed it and when to tear it out by its roots and pray to God it never grows back."

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