Season 2, Episode 1: No Good Deed

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Written by Roger Reitzel
Directed by Gil Junger

Special guest star Larry Miller as professor

Guest starring
Nicholas Cascone as Bryan
Eric Aude as Norb
Jeff Lewis as Buckley
Scott Alan Smith as Elkie

Zoe: "I don't work for you."
Jack: "Yet."

Zoe: "You're late."
Jack: "Jeez, again with the time. What are you, Swiss?"

Jack: "Don't you have some place to go?"
Jane: "You mean like my apartment which you're sitting in?"
Jack: "I mean like hell."

Bryan: "I can't believe your mom okayed all this."
Jane: "Yeah, well, mommy drinks."

Zoe: "It was good advice."
Doug: "Maybe if you're Dr. Bean, medicine woman."

Zoe: "I could kill Jack."
Jane: "Don't try the pillow over the head, it doesn't work."
Zoe: "It does if you light it on fire."

Jack: "How's your new tutee?"
Zoe: "Great. He's like clay."
Jack: "So you can mold him?"
Zoe: "No, He's like clay. He's really really dumb."

Jack to Zoe: "Oh, when I'm vulnerable you laugh. Remind me never to have sex with you."

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