#1 No Good Deed
#2 The Customer is Always Vic
#3 I Don't Feel So Good
#4 Kiss of Death
#5 The Feud
#6 A Midsummer Night's Nightmare
#7 Crossing the Line
#8 Desperately Seeking Zoe
#9 Tall, Dark and Duncan's Boss
#10 My Dinner With Andy
#11 Too Much Pressure
#12 Party Girls
#13 Three Years Later

#1 No Good Deed: Aired Monday, January 31, 2000

Zoe and Jack are now students at Columbia, and Zoe really want to be her psych professor's new assistant, but in order to do so, she needs to tutor Jack. Duncan has to fire someone at his job. Jane, who is living with Zoe in an apartment, has a job that runs her ragged with errands, but she tricks her mother's assistant into running them for her.

#2 The Customer is Always Vic: Aired Monday, February 7, 2000

Zoe's boss, Mr. Chin, gives her a chance as manager of the Chinese restaurant where she works. Zoe has everything under control until a rude customer named Vic shows up with a large party and claims he's the owner. Zoe takes Vic's abuse until he tries to leave without paying, at which point she demands he pay his check. Just as Vic's yelling and giving Zoe the money for the check, Mr. Chin walks in. Mr. Chin fires Zoe at Vic's request, but once he realizes that Zoe actually got money out of Vic he says she definitely has the job of manager. Duncan and Jack meet a girl who is obviously interested in one of them. Jack is sure that it's him, but is crushed when it turns out to be Duncan. Duncan is psyched until the girl starts planning their wedding on their first date and he realizes she's insane.

#3 I Don't Feel So Good: Aired Monday, February 14, 2000

When Jane gets sick and can't get an extension on her photography assignment, Zoe tries to help out by completing the assignment for her: taking candid pictures of New York. Jane is upset, because she thinks Zoe took some "lame-ass horsey pictures" and handed them in under her name to the toughest critic in the department, but her professor says she loves them and wants to put them in the student show. Jane is heart-broken, because photography is her "thing," and now she wonders if she really has any talent for it. At the show, she decides to tell her professor the truth, but luckily, right as she's doing that, she looks at her pictures and it turns out she did take them... the Sunday before she got sick, and they were on the roll that Zoe handed in. Jack and Duncan decide to find a better apartment, and Jack gets them a fabulous new apartment in a building filled with supermodels. What he doesn't tell Duncan right away is that they're the building superindendants. They are in one of the supermodels' apartments, Duncan fixing a light fixture while Jack just noses around. Jack gets his hair stuck in the supermodel's empty wall safe, and the supermodel comes home just when Duncan is pouring conditioner on Jack's hair trying to make it slippery enough to get out from the wall safe. She attacks them with a hammer, and they have to find another new apartment.

#4 Kiss of Death: Aired Sunday, April 2, 2000

Duncan entrusts Doug with his credit card to buy supplies for a party to watch the big fight, and also to pick up the TV from the repair place. Jack talks Doug into buying a whole new big-screen TV, with the intention of returning it after the party. The TV won't even fit through the apartment door, and gets stuck half-way in. After watching half the fight for awhile, finally the party gets frustrated and shoves the TV the rest of the way in the door, destroying it in the process. Zoe meets a cute guy in the laundry room and they go out on a couple of dates, but he's a terrible kisser. Before she can break things off with him, he breaks it off with her telling HER she's a terrible kisser. Then he spreads his opinion around Jack and Duncan's fight party, ruining her reputation. She confronts him and kisses him, telling him not to "help" this time, and he is blown away, very much regretting the gossip he spread.

#5 The Feud: Aired Sunday, April 9, 2000

Two obnoxious brothers move in downstairs from Zoe and Jane and play loud music all the time. The girls end up in a war with the boys, but it's the girls that end up getting busted for vandalism. In order to keep themselves from getting kicked out of the building, the girls have to impersonate the brothers' fiances for the evening to please their mother. Duncan enjoys spending time with a middle-aged couple, but freaks out when they hit on him. Due to Jack's penchant for pretty girls and quick solutions, Jack and Doug end up in jail for buying Knicks tickets off a scalper.

#6 A Midsummer Night's Nightmare: Aired Sunday, April 16, 2000

Zoe has a sexy dream about Jack, which prompts Jack to have a sexy dream about Zoe. Zoe thinks they should find out if it might mean something, but Jack is afraid that Zoe might fall for him. They share a kiss, and while Zoe doesn't feel anything, Jack falls head over heels for Zoe. Jack convinces Zoe to try one more kiss and is confused when he feels nothing. Duncan points out that the last time Zoe and Jack kissed, the scene perfectly mirrored Jack's recurring Asian-girl dream. Jack is relieved and everyone stays friends. Jane is trying to get a photography fellowship in England, but during the repeating interviews ends up falling for the cocky competition, Max. They promise each other that no matter who wins, they'll spend their last night together. When Max wins, Janes decides not to show for their final date, but she does come by to tell him that she's not showing. He kisses her, and they end up spending his last night in town together after all.

#7 Crossing the Line: Aired Sunday, April 23, 2000

Jane is working for a demanding fashion photographer, hoping to be chosen as his camera assistant. Her competition is a kiss-ass named Penny who will do anything for their nonsensical boss, including getting him a live tiger for entertainment at his upcoming costume party. Zoe and the boys crash the party, getting Jane fired from her job, and throwing Jane and Zoe's friendship into serious distress. Jane is re-hired after Penny is killed trying to feed the tiger champagne, and Jane and Zoe patch things up after Zoe makes a heartfelt apology at Penny's funeral in the guise of a eulogy. As a result of the party, Doug meets a playwright idol of his who turns out to be a burnt out drunk. Jack and Duncan get jobs as print ad models and end up on a billboard for sexual dysfunction.

#8 Desperately Seeking Zoe: Aired Sunday, April 30, 2000

Jane convinces Zoe to buy a beautiful blue suede jacket that turns every man's head on the street. Zoe finds a personal ad that seems to be directed to her and her jacket, but when she looks for the jacket to go meet the guy that wrote the ad, she can't find it. It turns out that Jane accidentally sent it off with some clothes for charity. Jane and Zoe go to the charity, and find that the woman who works there is wearing the coat herself. They pull a bait and switch and get away with Zoe's coat, but when they go to meet the guy from the personal ad, it turns out that it wasn't directed at Zoe after all. Duncan can't stand living with Jack anymore. He's a slob, inconsiderate and his actress girlfriend is always around and really annoying. Duncan kicks Jack out and moves Doug in, but Doug is such a neat-freak that he soon starts to drive Duncan nuts. Meanwhile, Jack tries staying on Zoe and Jane's couch, but as soon as they find him there with his girlfriend they kick him out. Then he goes back to his parents' place, but it's way too stuffy and awkward. So he decides to maybe move in with his girlfriend as his last option, but luckily Duncan saves him from that fate and lets him move back in.

#9 Tall, Dark and Duncan's Boss: Aired Sunday, May 14, 2000

Zoe meets Duncan's boss Andy and develops a huge crush on him. When she accidentally breaks up Andy and his girlfriend, Duncan fears for his job, but instead of Duncan losing his job, Zoe gets a date. Jane invites Doug to a Lauryn Hill concert. Jack can't seem to beat Doug in betting on anything, but finally wins one stupid bet and gets Doug's ticket to the concert. Jane doesn't want to attend with her brother, so she bets him that he can't not bet for the rest of the day. A beautiful woman that Jack remembers from high school walks into the restaurant, and Jack tries to ask her out. She says she doesn't remember him from high school, and bets that he can't name one of her teenage friends. He says he'll take that bet, and then names one of her friends. It turns out it was a setup by Jane and she gets her ticket back.

#10 My Dinner With Andy: Aired Sunday, May 21, 2000

Zoe and Andy are having trouble making time for each other, so they plan a romatnic evening at the Plaza. At the last minute, Zoe has to re-write a paper and Andy keeps getting pulled in meetings by Duncan. It seems like their evening is ruined, but Andy manages to surprise Zoe back at her apartment and end the night on a high note. Jack starts dating a lingerie model, but when he realizes that she doesn't like to wear lingerie at home, he breaks up with her. Doug has a crush on Mr. Chin's daughter, and offers to fish-sit for her while she's out of town. He puts the fish in the tank at the restaurant, and after it eats his exotic fish, Mr. Chin flushes it down the toilet. When Mr. Chin's daughter returns, Doug regretfully tells her that the fish is dead, but it turns out that she hated the fish anyway, but didn't have the guts to flush it herself. Mr. Chin tells Doug not to get too excited because she has a boyfriend.

#11 Too Much Pressure: Aired Sunday, May 28, 2000

Zoe uses Jane and Jack in a psychology experiment, banking on the fact that locked in a room together they'll end up fighting. Zoe finds herself as the real subject, though, when Jack and Jane get along like best friends and she betrays a secret Jane told her to provoke them into fighting. Duncan regrets casting his girlfriend in his play when she turns his drama into a comedy and leaves him after getting a job out of it. Duncan feels like he's cheating on Andy when he entertains another man with a job offer.

#12 Party Girls: Aired Sunday, June 4, 2000

Zoe and Jane decide to throw their first elegant dinner party to impress a handsome guy, but Zoe's need to control everything leads to hurt feelings and a hot dog cart as a caterer. In addition, the handsome guy is dating Jack's latest crush, so both Zoe and Jack are left miffed and jealous. Meanwhile, Duncan is in charge of a new project at work and is managing six people, but has trouble delegating and ends up doing all the work himself.

#13 Three Years Later: Aired Sunday, June 11, 2000

Jane is busy with her photography classes, Duncan is always facing deadlines at the office, Jack is busy chasing women, and Doug the aspiring playwright never has enough time to write. Zoe clears her schedule to keep a concert date with her friends and then overreacts when no one shows up.

Rating: 1.2/2