Season 1, Episode 7: The Trouble with Jane


"Once he was talking about amoebas and he got all worked up and took off his sweater and he forgot that all he has on underneath was a dickie." -Jane
"That must have been unsightly with the man boobies." -Zoe
"I still have nightmares." -Jane

"How do you have a relationship with somebody if you don't even talk to 'em?" -Dani
"I've been asking myself that question for years and then this one just fell into my lap." -Jack

"Nothing says fun like strangers poking you with needles." -Jane

"Together you're the perfect man." -Lisa
"Yes! I'm half a man." -Duncan

"Jane kicked a guy in the head." -Zoe
"What did mom tell you about that?" -Jack
"It was below 14th Street." -Jane


Written by Sue Paige & Daniel Paige, Directed by Craig Zisk

Guest starring Jacinda Barrett as Lisa, Mark Famiglietti as Brad, Megahn Perry as Danni

Featured Musical Artists: My Friend Steve