Season 1, Episode 5: Sympathy for Jack


"I'm not superstitious, this is my lucky study carrol." -Zoe

"You remember the super? He sent me a picture of himself in the tub holding what I can only hope is a plunger." -Jane

"I wish there was a word for enjoying someone else's pain. I bet the Germans have one." -Jane

"So, Zoe tells me you're on the rebound." -Lynn
"I'm vulnerable." -Jack
"I'm Lynn." -Lynn
"I'm listening." -Jack


Teleplay by Nora Lynch & Phil Palisoul, Story by Darin Henry, Directed by Brian K. Roberts

Special guest star Sara Rue as Breeny. Guest starring Tamara Braun as Anna, Denyn Pysz as Victor. Co-starring Katee Sackhoff as Susan, Katie Lansdale as pretty girl