Season 1, Episode 3: When Zoe Met Johnny


"Hi, Zoe? Jack. Would you tell Johnny he should come home now? His Nana died." -Jack

"Quick, put your hand on my ass." -Duncan
"Only if you put your tongue in my ear." -Jane

"She's not talking to you." -Jane
"I'm not talking to you." -Zoe
"What did I do?" -Jack
"Killed Johnny's Nana." -Duncan
"And you blamed it on her." -Jane
"See, this is what I love. The four of us together." -Jack


Written by Sue Paige and Daniel Paige, Directed by Craig Zisk

Guest starring Charlie O'Connell as Charlie Gottlieb, Cristin Rose as Johnny's mother, Andrew Bilgore as Rabbi. Co-starring Dorothy Blass as Nana, Jillian Bach as Cute Girl, Danny Dayton as Uncle Sy.

Featured Musical Artist: My Friend Steve