Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Rating: 3.3/5


"So anyway, I think it's possible he asked me out for dinner." -Zoe
"Quite a testament to your wonderbra." -Jane
"Yeah, well, some people can pull it off." -Zoe
"What else did you do today? Find a golden ticket in your chocolate bar?" -Jane

"Gigi walked right by me and reacted like I was a guy who didn't have special shoes on." -Duncan

"I must say, you are a very intriguing woman." -Gorgeous Guy
"Really?" -Jane
"No." -Gorgeous Guy

"Want a bite of my ice-cream?" -Gigi
"I would love a bite of your ice-cream, but unfortunately, I can't process milk." -Duncan


Written by Sue Paige and Daniel Paige, Directed by Jeff McCracken

Guest starring Sara Rue as Breeny, Scott Foley as Montana, Amy Aquino as Mrs. Milch, Rick Hall as Bob, Amy Hathaway as Gigi, Lynsey Bartilson as Gloria.

Co-starring Janet S. Blake as Mrs. Peitz, Luigi Amodeo as Gorgeous Guy, Rikki Dale as Waitress, Sally Livingstone as Kroeger, Sebastian Tillinger as Band Member.

Featured Musical Artist: My Friend Steve